Tkinter GUI to fetch data

Here is the basic Tkinter GUI which fetches data.

gui tkinter fetch

Tkinter code

import tkinter as tk
from functools import partial

    'State', 'City',
    'Customer 1', 'Sales 1',
    'Customer 2', 'Sales 2',
    'Customer 3', 'Sales 3',
    'Customer 4', 'Sales 4'

def fetch(entries):
    for field, text in entries:
       print('%s: "%s"' % (field, text.get())) 

def makeform_grid(window, fields):
    for i, field in enumerate(fields):
        row, column = divmod(i, 2)
        tk.Label(window, text=field).grid(row=row, column=column*2)
        entry = tk.Entry(window)
        entry.grid(row=row, column=column*2+1)
        entries.append((field, entry))
    return entries

def main():
    window = tk.Tk()
    entries = makeform_grid(window, FIELDS)
    tk.Button(window, text="Fetch", command=partial(fetch, entries)).grid(row=11,column=0)
    tk.Button(window, text="Quit", command=window.destroy).grid(row=12,column=0,pady=20)

if __name__ == '__main__':

The user is providing State, City, Customer names, and their sales. Feel free to extend and adapt to your needs.

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