Tkinter GUI with side menu

I am creating a Tkinter GUI with a side menu today. Something more difficult with elements of object-oriented programming. Let’s see how to implement this code.

tkinter gui side menu

Tkinter side menu code

from tkinter import Tk, Scrollbar, Canvas, Frame, Label, Button
from tkinter.ttk import Panedwindow

class Myframe(Frame):

    def __init__(self, frame, **kw):
        scrollbar = Scrollbar(frame)
        scrollbar.pack(side='right', fill='y', expand=False)
        self.canvas = Canvas(frame, yscrollcommand=scrollbar.set)
        self.canvas.pack(side='left', fill='both', expand=True)

        Frame.__init__(self, frame, **kw)
        self.windows_item = self.canvas.create_window(0, 0, window=self, anchor='nw')

    root = Tk()
    root.resizable(width=False, height=False)
    pw = Panedwindow(root)
    pw.pack(side="left", fill="both", expand=True)
    pw.add(Label(text='Label1', anchor='w'))
    pw.add(Button(text='Button1', anchor='w'))
    pw.add(Label(text='Label2', anchor='w'))
    pw.add(Button(text='Button2', anchor='w'))
    pw.add(Button(text='Button3', anchor='w'))

    header = Frame(root)
    body = Frame(root)
    footer = Frame(root)

    Label(header, text="Header:").pack()
    Label(footer, text="Footer:").pack(side='left', ipadx=20)
    Button(footer, text='Footer1').pack(side='left', ipadx=20)
    Button(footer, text='Footer2').pack(side='left', ipadx=20)

    fr = Frame(body, width=400, height=200)


The script creates a frame with a scrollbar on the right. After adding or removing widgets from a scrollable frame, the update() method is called to update the scrollable area.

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To add some more widgets, just extend the frame method in the script.

You can also create a new method to add some more functions behind the buttons.